Mustang Tools: Making Light Work of Heavy Manhole Covers!

Here at DQ Services, we prioritise providing professional service and quality products to both the local community and on a national scale.  And it is within the brilliant, local  East Anglian community that another innovator across the drainage, building and construction industries, Mustang Tools, can be found.

In this article we will have a look at a mini-profile on Mustang Tools, why safety is important in handling heavy manhole covers, and how to combat three main safety concerns when lifting manhole or drain covers.

Table of contents:

  1. Who are Mustang Tools?
  2. Why Should you Invest in Reliable and Safe Moving Equipment?
  3. How to Have a Good Manual Handling Technique
  4. How to Limit the Risk of Injury When Lifting Heavy Manhole Covers

Who are Mustang Tools?

Have you ever had a look at the model number for Mustang Tools products? The DQ item tag that is often associated with the individual tools is actually the initials of our founder and our company name, DQ Services, signalling our close relationship with Mustang Tools themselves. In fact, we are the only supplier to offer special discounts and exclusive deals to Mustang customers such as the DQ38 bundle or DQ40 kit.

But what do Mustang Tools offer and why should you buy them? Let’s have a look.

Established over 40 years ago, Mustang Tools has built a strong and excellent reputation for manufacturing unique, innovative and high-quality tools for the building, construction and drainage industries.

Based in our neighbouring county, Norfolk, Mustang Tools construct their products from Steel or Nylon, supplying a long-lasting service that requires minimum maintenance. Finished with their iconic Red Coat Powder, Mustang Tools’ premium tools are recognisable across the building industry.

Why Should you Invest in Reliable and Safe Moving Equipment?

Do you have a Manhole Cover you are trying to relocate for your recent DIY project? Or perhaps you’re a tradesperson who specialises in Manhole Cover maintenance? Before all else, it is important to prioritise safety when handling these heavy objects – easily achieved through preparation and proper equipment.

Attributing over 60% of all work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) like back pain to construction work, with around a third due to heavy lifting, it is clear that investing in reliable tools that prioritise safety is essential for tradespeople, especially when handling heavy objects such as manhole or drain covers[1].

With this in mind, opting for tools that are specifically designed to prevent the risk of injury for the operative is crucial. In fact, the Health and Safety Executive recommends avoiding manually handling objects “as far as possible”[2] but recognises that this is not always possible. For good handling technique, it is important to consider where the object is being moved to, maximise stability with a good position and posture, and to move smoothly while keeping your head up.

How to Have a Good Manual Handling Technique:

Before handling a load, heavy or light, it is crucial to consider:

Who is carrying the object? Have they got the correct training or are they recovering from injury?

What is the object being carried? Does it have an awkward shape or slippery material?

Where is the object being carried? Are the environmental conditions safe and is the route free from obstacles?

Once preparation is complete, there are several ways to improve your handling technique:


  • Maintain a stable position with one leg slightly forward for balance
  • Hold the load as close as possible to the individual’s body
  • Keep your head up and look ahead when handling the object
  • Keep up a good posture


  • Twist the back or lean to the side, as this can cause unnecessary strain on the back
  • Overestimate how much can be safely carried. It is more sensible  to do two trips with a lighter load than damage yourself by lifting something dangerously heavy.

However, the simplest way to reduce the risk of injury when manually handling heavy loads is to invest in reliable moving equipment. Units that are adjustable to different heights or lengths, light-weight yet high-quality or easily portable are a few key features that will significantly aid in injury prevention.

How to Limit the Risk of Injury When Lifting Manhole Covers:

1. Reducing the Need to Bend Over:

When tackling heavy manhole covers, it is important to limit, as far as possible, the need to manually handle the object in order to prevent injuries. But what should you do if you are already injury prone? Utilising reliable Mustang manhole cover moving tools will reduce the risk of injuries, and with their clever designs, will actually maximise the lift while minimising the effort required by the operator.

Our DQ7 Mini-Lift XL Manhole Cover Lifter is the perfect solution for those who struggle with back strain or knee injuries. With an extended frame, the DQ7 Mini-Lift XL will lift heavy manhole covers without requiring the operator to bend over.

  • Providing extra grip and support, the rubber-covered handle will also allow for more control when lifting or handling the manhole.
  • Sold as a pair, 2 users can tackle the same manhole cover, offering a quick and easy removal of the cover.

2. Reducing the Need for Long Carrying Distances:

Of course, reducing the risk of injuries, especially back or knee pain, is not limited to the workplace, as DIYers must prioritise their own safety by choosing a tool that functions with safety first. Minimising how far and for how long a heavy object must be manually handled is a great way to reduce the risk of injury.

For those who tackle manhole covers repeatedly and professionally, it is essential to invest in a reliable and long-lasting moving tool, and the DQ1 Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter is a brilliant solution to eliminating long-carrying distances by removing the need to manually lift the cover at all.

  • With a lifting ram force of 2000kg and a SWL of 800kg, the DQ1 really does make lifting heavy manhole covers light work.
  • Due to the all-metal construction with 3 nylon wheels, the mobility of the DQ1 is smooth and controlled, helping to prevent physical strain and injury to the operator.
  • Good maintenance of manhole lid lifting equipment is essential in keeping it reliable and safe – storing the DQ1 in a water- and corrosion- resistant DQ26 Aluminium Box will protect the unit, and yourself.

3. Reducing the Need for Several Operatives:

Not only does lifting equipment that requires more than one operator often cause delays, waiting for everyone to arrive or problem-solving when someone drops out, but also increases the risk of more injuries occurring.

Lifting equipment that is operable by just one person, therefore, is time- and cost-efficient, as well as aiding in injury prevention when handling manhole or drain covers.

The DQ3 Chinook Manhole Cover Lifter is the perfect solution for reducing the need for several operatives, as it is light-weight so can be moved and assembled by only one person.

  • It also requires one person to function, by rotating handles at either end of the Chinook after attaching the manhole cover to the unit.
  • The nylon wheel allows for smooth movement of the heavy manhole cover, and eliminates the need for the operator to lift the manhole cover at all!


Whether you are handling lighter manhole covers or heavier ones, Mustang Tools are a go-to manufacturer for manhole cover lifters, as they carry units specifically designed to prevent the risk of injury for the operator. An essential element to consider for employee, employer, or DIYer, investing in Mustang Tools’ long-lasting and high-quality lifting equipment will maximise productivity and efficiency, whilst minimising the risk of injury.





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