Trousers, baselayers, jackets and tops – all Scruffs workwear is made from durable, high performance materials, and loaded with the sort of clever, functional features. Indeed, some items contain features that are so subtle you probably won't even notice to begin with. Did you know, for example, that the cuffs on some of the jackets have been designed to stop rubble, dust and debris from going up your arm? When it comes to workwear, it really is the little things that make all the difference. But what really sets Scruffs apart is that they don't believe in compromising style for safety or practicality. Every item in the range is inspired by the latest fashions and trends. It's this commitment to bringing a touch of style to the demanding trade and industrial environments that has made Scruffs one of the UK's leading workwear brands. Scruffs Safety Footwear ticks all of boxes, with all shoes combining comfort, style, safety, and durability. They have implemented ways to combine slip resistant, impact and pierce protection without piling on the weight, resulting in an amazing range of lightweight safety footwear that provides comfort and security for long periods of time on site. They work with materials that deliver the desired durability whilst looking every bit as good as the sort of lines you might find on the high street. But of course, they also have plenty of lines for those who require a more solid and bulky safety footwear for heavy duty use. When it comes to safety footwear, most workwear brands will let you choose any colour you like, so long as it’s black – or, if you’re very lucky, brown. But why shouldn’t you look good whilst working onsite? They offer a much wider choice of colours, including blues, reds, tans, and whites!

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