New Van Vault Products for 2017

We are delighted to welcome 5 new products to the popular Van Vault range.

The fantastic features of the best selling Van Vault 2 have been included in the new Van Vault 3, which features a locking draw solution; perfect for protecting hand and power tools. Its 2mm sheet steel construction also has two 70mm disc locks and 4 reinforced fitting points. There are also lashing points so that you can secure valuable items to them with one of the Van Vault security chains.

If you are in need of more storage space then the Stacker or Stacker XL are the answer to this. These new products have been designed to be compatible with the Van Vault 2 and Van Vault 3, but also each other if you require just drawer storage. They have multiple fitting points, with pre-drilled mounting points to ease attachment to other Van Vault products. The drawers have a foam in-lay for extra protection for your tools with a 70mm anti-pick and anti-drill stainless steel disc lock.

It has been hard to store fully assembled, oversized equipment before but Van Vault have created the perfect solution with the Landscaper. It is an extra long secure storage box designed especially for larger tools such as strimmers and chainsaws. Not only this but there is an adjustable storage holder inside so that you can safely contain smaller tools too. Vents on both side of the Landscaper allow fumes to escape from your equipment.

For trades that use larger tools the Van Vault XL provides the maximum secure storage. With its solid lock ‘lid stay’ system and integrated single pin hinge you can easily and safely access your tools. It has the standard 4 reinforced fitting points but unlike many other products it has two 70mm disc locks for added security which are supplied with three keys per lock.

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