OKO Off Road 5L Drum

  • 5L Drum of OKO Off Road
  • Suitable for trailers, wheelbarrows, golf buggies, ride-on mowers, small agricultural machines, fork lifts
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OKO Off Road is an essential aid to operators of vehicles that suffer harsh off-road terrain.

The Off Road heavy-duty product can be relied upon to seal holes with a diameter of up to 12mm. However, unlike some other companies, OKO does not over-claim on behalf of its products.   In tests, OKO Off Road has shown that it can seal holes of up to 20mm.   Even if it cannot always achieve this, it will slow down deflation to allow the driver to bring the vehicle safely to rest.

Off Road OKO is primarily designed for use off the highway. It can be used on road for slower-moving trucks and service vehicles, and is often used in countries with bad road surfaces; it is preferred to other sealants for use inside inner tubes.

It is not for regular use on any surface in excess of 80 km/hour, or 50 mph.


• Prevents punctures; stops deflations as you drive

• Seals the hole in the tread area the moment the puncture happens

• Designed for use in the harshest off-road environments

• Lasts the legal life of the tyre

• Deals with loss of air and provides a permanent seal to any hole in the tread area caused by puncturing objects with a diameter of up to 10mm

• Only 10-15 ml of OKO is used in making each seal

• Remains inside the tyre even after multiple sealing events


Non Corrosive: Non Flammable: Non Hazardous.

NO ADVERSE AFFECT UPON TYRES OR RIMS (contains anti-corrosion agents that protect steel and alloy wheels).


Colour: Natural off-white. Viscous. Low Odour.


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