Building Profiles by Mustang

Mustang supply a great range of building profiles made from an all steel construction making them tough, durable and brilliant quality. Building profiles are an excellent wall building aid, removing the need to build up the corners first and allowing you to build complete courses of bricks accurately.

Here a DQ services we stock a wide range of different Mustang building profiles suitable for all sorts of jobs, check them out below!

External and Internal Corner Profiles:

The Mustang external and internal corner building profiles will eliminate the need for corner building by providing a firm corner post meaning you can lay to the line right from the beginning for faster bricklaying. They sit off the brickwork allowing you to point behind the profile as you go.

The external and internal profiles come in 2 sizes, 6′ and 8′. With the 6′ corner profile you can lay 25 courses to the line from the D.P.C and with the 8′ profiles you can lay 30 courses. The 8′ profiles also bring the brickwork to 2′ above the first staging, meaning the first lift is well above the scaffolding. We sell both the 6′ and 8′ as individuals or pairs.

Intermediate Building Profiles:

The intermediate building profiles from Mustang can be used as a ‘tingle’ or a ‘deadman’ at any point along the wall; they are good for building and maintaining the string line between the two corners of a long wall. Just like the Internal and External units, the profile sits off brickwork to enable the user to point behind as you go.

Also coming in sizes 6′ and 8′, these profiles are simple and easy to use.


Building Profile Block Builder:

The block builder allows you to accurately build up both internal and external brickwork at the same time when using standard Mustang equipment. Sold in pairs and supplied with line holders, this block builder fits onto your Mustang external profile or internal profiles or a mixture of both.

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